Starblazer: Space Fiction Adventures in Pictures vol. 1


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Out of this world Space Fiction Adventure in Pictures!

An interstellar title seemingly lost in space since 1991, Starblazer returns in Heritage Comics’ graphic novel.

Collating the classic issues #45 Operation Overkill and #71 Jaws of Death from DC Thomson’s archives, the pages have been blown up to full graphic novel size and completed with a brand-new wraparound cover. 

This is something no Sci-Fi fan or British comic collector can do without!


Story: Grant Morrison, art: Enrique Alcatena

War had ravaged the galaxy for centuries, and many worlds had been destroyed. Gradually the planets sought truces as their titanic struggle diminished the population.

At the final meeting where the galactic truce was signed, all the remaining weapons were shipped to a remote planet and dumped, to be used nevermore. But one man saw this arsenal as a means of dominating the universe, and so he set in motion Operation Overkill.


Story: D Broadbent, art: Mick McMahon

Deep in Earth controlled space stood Control Wheel Z409 on the edge of a stargate where vessels re-entered normal space from the distant galactic rim.

But all was not right. A series of vessels had simply disappeared from the screens of Z409.

As the crew prepared to receive another vessel, nobody had any idea that somewhere on the other side of the stargate lay the most fearful killing machine imaginable.


132pp, Paperback.

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